(IC-2021) DFI - PFSF Piling & Ground Improvement Conference 2022 Proceedings

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3848 Preface Slav Tchepak, Harry Poulos, Bruce McPherson, Patrick Wong
Case Studies with Lessons Learned
3809 Case Studies Demonstrating the Effectiveness of Vibro-Replacement Stone Columns in Variable Soil Types Lee R. Buhagiar
3810 Case Studies of Driven Tubular Steel Piles in Soils and Basalt on Woolgoolga to Ballina Pacific Highway Upgrade Henry Zhang
3811 Comparison of Large Plate Load Test Result with Predicted Deformation in Deep Vibro Techniques Treated Ground for Iron Ore Stockpile Yard in Vietnam William Chong and Kam Weng Leong
3812 Metro Sports Facility – A Ground Improvement Case Study Dominic P. Mahoney and I. D. McPherson
3813 Nearshore Pile Construction Experience in Burnie, Tasmania Thomas W. Scott and Manh N. Tran
3814 The Galataport Project in Istanbul, Turkey. A Unique Case History in Geotechnical Engineering Salvatore Miranda and Carlandrea Albonico
Design and Construction Solutions to Foundation Problems
3815 130 m Deep Bored Piles – A New Superlative Karsten Beckhaus, Vijaya Kumar and Serhat Baycan
3816 A Case Study Describing the Use of a Top-Down Construction Sequence for a Three Level Basement Using a Diaphragm Wall and CFA Foundation Piles Lucie Spencer and Chris Leach
3817 Application of Pile Test Data for the Foundation Design of a Rail Viaduct at Carrum, Victoria Suthagaran Visvalingam, Cillian Mc Colgan and Nick M. Withers
3818 Approximate Assessment of Basement Wall Effects on Foundation Performance Helen S. W. Chow and Harry G. Poulos
3819 Construction and Verification of Large Bored Pile for Bridge Foundation through Deep Weak Alluvial Soil Layer and Artesian Aquifer S. Raathiv and C. Dai
3820 Countermeasures against Soil Liquefaction at Galataport Project in Istanbul, Turkey Salvatore Miranda and Carlandrea Albonico
3821 Creative Solution for Sydney Data Centre Y. Zou, A. Frost and M. Krzeminski
3822 Deep CFA Piles Application for Foundation in Queensland Sameh M. Khella
3823 Design and Construction of the Deepest CFA Pile in Australia W. L. Chong
3824 Design Considerations for Laterally Loaded Free-Head Rigid Piles in Engineering Practice M. Cai, O. Craciun, J. Sugawara and C. A. Bridges
3825 Design, Modelling and Construction of a 12-Sided Diaphragm Walled Shaft Stephen Buttling
3826 Economic Design of Piling Platforms on Coarse Grained Subgrade Patrick Wong
3827 Innovative Integrated Jet Grout and Contiguous CFA Piled Solution for Complex Deep Shoring Wall in Soft Soils – Retaining Structural Design and Analysis W. L. Chong and Y. Zou
3828 Pile Design Using CPT Results: The "LPC Method" Frederic A. Verheyde and François Baguelin
3829 Remediation of Rail Structures Impacted by Landslides Using Sleeved Bored Piles Paul Hewitt and Aaron Rastall
3830 The Importance of Tension Softening (of Concrete) in Modelling of Tension Piles Qingwei Joshua Ong and Siew Ann Tan
3831 The Need for Air Control in Down the Hole Hammer Casing Advancement Drilling Frank J. Purcell
3832 Urban Challenges in Design, Co-Ordination and Construction of Deep Foundations and Retaining Walls Pawan L. Sethi
Developments and Innovations in Construction Equipment, Methods and Materials
3833 Advances in Marine Piling Techniques and New Age Piling Materials D. Cantali
3834 Influence of Freeze-Thaw Cycles on Strength and Heavy Metal Leaching Performance of Petroleum Drilling Mud Stabilized by Waste Yin Cheng, Jing Chen, Yafei Li, Miaomiao Tian, Jun Shen and Hao Yu
Effective Specifications Related to Performance and Materials
3835 Construction and Stability Risks for Fluid Supported Deep Excavations and Their Effects on Design Parameters Martin D. Larisch
Ground Improvement for Structural Support and Retention Works
3836 Comparison of Cement Injection Options for Deep Mixing Chew Soon Hoe, Audrey H. M. Yim, Juan Wei Koh, Say Cheong Ng, Kok Eng Chua, Lionel Ang, Pei Ling Goh, Yi Shan Toh and Zi Xiang Gng
3837 Design and Construction Aspects of Foundation Strengthening Works for Kununurra Diversion Dam, Western Australia Mark Orr, Fabio Canzian, Michael Smith and Ming Lai
3838 Ground Improvement of Granville Harbour Wind Farm Foundations Babak Hamidi
3839 Soil Stabilization for Cut-Off Wall Works Has Proven Its Function Karsten Beckhaus, Dirk Beier and Michael Baltruschat
3840 Working Platforms for Tracked Plant - A New Design Method Including Multiaxial Geogrids Michael J. D. Dobie, Andrew S. Lees, John Buckley and Erkan Tahiroglu
Infrastructure Works Projects from PPPs, Government Authorities, Builders, Consultants and Contractors
3841 Case Study of Geotechnical Challenges Involving Ground Improvement and Successful Completion of Pile Foundations in a Rail Road Project in India Venkata S. Dronamraju
3842 West Gate Tunnel Project, Melbourne, Australia: Northern Portal Ground Engineering Works - Secant Piling and Cutter Soil Mix Works Arash Judi and Simon M. Levy
Innovative Site Investigation Methods and Techniques
3843 A Novel Ground Improvement and Deep Foundation System Using PAILEs P. A. Zakrzewski and Stephen Buttling
3844 Existing Pile Length Assessment Using Geophysical and Low Strain Testing Methods Bruce J. McPherson and Jeremy H. Hill
Structural, Geotechnical and Construction Interaction for Project Success
3845 Modification in Current BRE Approach for Designing Pilling Rig Working Platforms on Soft Subgrades Amir Shahkolahi and Jorg Klompmaker
Testing of Foundations
3846 Interpretation of Driven Tubular Pile with Soil Plug Test Results Using the Wave Impact Theory I. K. Popsuenko, S. P. Pyatkovskiy and A. V. Bessmertnyy
3847 Rapid Load Testing of Foundation Piles - An Update on a Proved Test Method Marcel Bielefeld, Rob van Dorp, Bruce McPherson, Nicolas Moscoso, Slav Tchepak and Gerald Verbeek