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#MOD-PD Piledriving Contractor Proposal
1999 Contract Practices CommitteeM. Byrl Williams, Chair
Disk + Hard Copy Sample

A model proposal for piledriving contractors to use when submitting a bid to a general contractor or owner. Includes language describing the scope of work included in the price such as access, work hours, utility interference, insurance, and payment provisions. Also includes a checklist of inclusions and exclusions and a supplemental form that can be used if you anticipate a problem with hazardous waste. An MS Word File for use as a template for your own proposal is provided as well as a PDF copy of the model proposal.

#MOD-100 100-Day Document - Mandatory Discussion. Mediation and Arbitration of Construction Disputes
1987 Deep Foundations Construction Industry Roundtable table of contents
5" x 8", pamphlet, 4 pgs.

Seven model clauses to be included in contracts for design, engineering, construction & related agreements to invoke mandatory discussion, mediation & arbitration to settle contract disputes in a timely, reasonable & equitable fashion.