Publication Abstract

DFI - PFSF Piling & Ground Improvement Conference 2022 Proceedings, (DFI and PFSF)

A Novel Ground Improvement and Deep Foundation System Using PAILEs
P. A. Zakrzewski and Stephen Buttling

The global demand for infrastructure, including extension of roads, rail or airports requires major investment. Innovations that may provide substantial cost savings are being actively sought through the use of more efficient technology, better risk management and design optimisation. This extends to the development of innovative Ground Improvement techniques and Deep Foundation systems. Techniques that increase the speed of foundation installation, bearing capacity achieved and/or provide greater quality assurance of the installed product have the potential to result in significant benefits in terms of direct cost, materials and time savings. The PAILE method facilitates the installation of a range of foundation and ground improvement piles at a significantly reduced cost compared with current methods of pile installation. In addition, as the load capacity of each PAILE is verified during installation there is reduced risk to all parties. By utilising proven, existing technology in a novel way, PAILEs can be installed using smaller machinery and less material than traditional piling equipment. The technology thus provides further savings and simplification of onsite operations, as it reduces working platform requirements and associated site preparation works, vibration and ground disturbance.

 article #3843; publication #1076 (IC-2021)