Publication Abstract

DFI - PFSF Piling & Ground Improvement Conference 2022 Proceedings, (DFI and PFSF)

Ground Improvement of Granville Harbour Wind Farm Foundations
Babak Hamidi

Granville Harbour Wind Farm is located on a remote site that is approximately 35 km northwest of Zeehan on Tasmania's western coast. The project includes 31 wind turbines with the capacity to generate 112 MW of power. Each turbine is 137 m from ground level to rotor hub and 200 m from ground level to blade tip. The site's ground profile consists of extremely weathered to highly weathered volcaniclastic breccia overlain with stiff clays, silts and embedded basalt cobbles. At 27 turbine locations, the ground did not meet the project's foundation requirements; consequently, for the first time in Australia, Controlled Modulus Columns (CMC) were utilised as part of the foundations of wind turbines. During this process, numerical analyses were performed, and foundation systems were designed for eight ground models. Approximately 44,000 m of CMC were installed to support the wind turbines. The longest and shortest columns were respectively 4.5 m and 24.2 m, the latter being the world's second longest CMC for wind turbine foundations. Quality control and assurance included the installation of trial columns, concrete testing, integrity testing and static load testing of the columns.

 article #3838; publication #1076 (IC-2021)