Publication Abstract

DFI - PFSF Piling & Ground Improvement Conference 2022 Proceedings, (DFI and PFSF)

Urban Challenges in Design, Co-Ordination and Construction of Deep Foundations and Retaining Walls
Pawan L. Sethi

Design and construction of deep foundations and basements is increasingly becoming more complex, as the density and frequency of urban development increases. This growth brings various associated challenges in the form of design considerations and construction challenges. This paper discusses some of the challenges routinely encountered as well as some specific complications in this area, based on author's experience gained through exposure as specialist contractor (designer), consultant and specialist consultant, along with some information on how these challenges were overcome. The paper highlights some of the key aspects of design coordination and importance of having an awareness of the overall perspective. Examples will be used to illustrate practical problems and the approaches used to respond.

 article #3832; publication #1076 (IC-2021)