Publication Abstract

DFI - PFSF Piling & Ground Improvement Conference 2022 Proceedings, (DFI and PFSF)

Design Considerations for Laterally Loaded Free-Head Rigid Piles in Engineering Practice
M. Cai, O. Craciun, J. Sugawara and C. A. Bridges

There are a number of methods that can be adopted for predicting the ultimate lateral resistance of a free-head rigid pile, from the conventional Brinch Hansen and Broms solutions to three-dimensional finite element analyses. Often these methods give rise to significantly different pile ultimate lateral capacities which could lead to either unsafe or too conservative designs. It is also well known that finding a rigorous and practical solution is challenging due to the complex three dimensional and nonlinear soil-structure interaction. This paper reviews some of the most common methods and produces results of pile ultimate lateral capacities embedded in cohesive or cohesionless soils. Subsequently, a finite element analysis is performed using PLAXIS 3D modelling under the same design conditions. Based on comparison of results, limitations and advantages are highlighted, and the most suitable method is proposed from a practical point of view.

 article #3824; publication #1076 (IC-2021)