John Mitchell Lecture

The John Mitchell Lecture was established at the 1991 4th International Conference on Piling and Deep Foundations in Stresa Italy. The Lecture was named in Honor of John Michael Mitchell, one of the earliest organizers of the DFI International Conferences and a pioneering supporter of DFI's role as a leader in the global industry. John was killed on September 14, 1990, while observing piling works at a site in Central London.

Past John Mitchell Lecturers

2018 Rome, Italy
Prof. Michele Jamiolkowski
Geophysical to Geotechnical Design
2014 Stockholm, Sweden
Bengt H. Fellenius
Design of Piled Foundations as Reflected in Codes and Standards
2010 London, UK
Thomas O'Rourke
Geotechnical Practices in Urban Regeneration
2008 New York, NY
David Sherwood
Review of Major Developments in Geotechnical Engineering over the Last 20 Years and Current Trends
2006 Amsterdam,
The Netherlands

Harry G. Poulos
Ground Movements - A hidden source of loading on deep foundations
2002 Nice, France
William Van Impe
Communication and the Professional Geotechnical Practice
2000 New York, USA
Michele Jamiolkowski
& Carlo Viggiani
The Leaning Tower of Pisa
1998 Vienna, Austria
Heinz Brandl
The Civil and Geotechnical Engineer in Society Ethical and Philosophical Thoughts; Challenges and Recommendations
1996 Bombay, India
William F. Loftus
Communication is a Wonderful Thing
1994 Bruges, Belgium
Trevor J Poskitt
Promoting Engineering - The Role of Effective Communication
1991 Stresa, Italy
Elio D'Appalonia