Geo-Industry Risk Working Group

Victor Donald, P.E., Chair

The geo-associations, including ADSC, DFI, Geo-Institute, Geotechnical Business Association, and PDCA, all provide risk-related activities and resources for the industry (guidance documents, seminars, white papers, etc.) While each group continues to pursue their own activities independently, the groups are also collaborating in this industry-wide group on risk to increase awareness of associationsí activities, reduce duplication of efforts, facilitate collaboration, and address risk practices that can be agreed will improve the industry.
Recent News
7/3/2018 Watch the webinar - International Panel Discussion on Geotechnical, Contractual and Communication Risks - from the DFI-EFFC International Conference on Deep Foundations and Ground Improvement held in June 2018 in Rome.
7/2/2018 Watch the webinar, Invited Panel on Risk - A Rational Discussion, from a panel discussion at IFCEE 2018 in March 2018.
2/1/2018 Watch the webinar, DFI Invited Panel on Risk: A Rational Discussion, from the 2017 DFI Annual Conference on Deep Foundations.